The BIG LIE - Akan Majority in Ghana.

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) for so many years cooked the big lie that there is an Akan majority in Ghana. Why many of you failed to question GSS’s ethnic classification? Nobody asked where they got them? How many field Anthropologists were sent on the field to collect that information in the 238,535 km square area of Ghana - the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean to the south, borders with the Ivory Coast in the west, Burkina Faso in the north, and Togo in the east? They don’t even have a single Anthropologist working at the Ghana Statistical Service. This sounds like another Moldova with a cooked ethnicity for political and economic exploitation. Akan is NOT an ethnic group. It is a linguistic group. There is no common origin in the Adansi, ‘Asante’, ‘Akyem’, ‘Fanti’, Denkyira, Kwahu or Akwapim, not even a solidarity.

An ethnic group is not a spontaneously developed community, or a group with a specific geographic location, but a group of people who believe they have ancestors in common from the past. An ethnic group is also not identical to people who are actually related, a kin group, but with those, kin or not, who believe they are related in the sense of a presumed common past.

Do you know Asante is NOT an ethnic group, but a military organization of 47 tribes?

Do you know Fanti is a Political Organization with 13 Native States (Mankessim, Gomua, Egimaku, Ekumfi, Anamaboe, Abura, Cape Coast, Denkera, Western Akim, Eastern Akim, Akuapim, Lower Wassaw, Upper Wassaw)?

Do you know Dagomba is a Political Organization with tribes, Konkomba, Bedjelib, Tchakosi, B’ Moba and Bekaburum seeking independence?

Do you know Gonja is a Political Organization with tribes, Vagala, Salfoba, Nchoroba, Tampolense, Ndampo, Nwieta, Nnwura, Nchumbulung, Mkparaba, Ntarapo and Mnara seeking independence?

Do you know Akan is a linguistic group?

Do you know Mole-Dagbani is a linguistic group?

Do you know Akyem were three military organizations formed after the fall of Denkyira to control the auriferous south of Asante?

How many years were you told they are all ethnic groups by the Ghana Statistical Service?

Say NO to institutionalization of ethnicity by the Ghana Statistical Service NOW!

Akani is a caravan gold traders who were conquered by the Denkyira in 1698. In its conquest of what is now known as Assin area, Denkyira seized control of the gold markets that had fueled Akani trade across the region. In 1951, Dr. J.B. Danquah sold the idea that Akan is a race and should be classified as an ethnic group.

End Academic Fraud at Ghana Statistical Service NOW!

A Ghanaian History Remembered.

Ghanaian History Remembered is authored and compiled by Professor Nana Kofi Osei Tutu II for Professor Pete Publications, New York, NY

Our history should told as it is