The paradox; life

Can I interrupt your thought with a paradox? I didn’t write this for the feeble minded. An unused hand when used develop blisters, what of an unused brain when suddenly engaged in strenuous thinking? I want to address humanity in succinct and poignant language for he has not learnt that his head is his servant not his master. Why allow irrational sentiments interfere with the transcendent question of life. Need I remind you that all have dramatic entrances unto the theatre of life, but the applause is deceptive; not many have graceful exits. So permit me to ask an important question, what is life? Will we find an answer for it or will we just drift along with needless self-indulgence?

Listen to me you mindless slaves, have you not read that we arrived on earth damaged. Adam will be in a better position to explain this to us in the first seminar in heaven, but please listen. The longer we stay here the weaker we get, “TIME NO DEY”, if you don’t believe me, trek the field of grandma’s memories, you’ll find enough evidence. And if it’s not true then why does gravity work on your wishes and dreams? Why is it relatively easy to fall in life and difficult to rise? Why does the roses also come with thorns? I have visited the future and now I’m feeling reflective. Have you heard of the mystery called time? It is this force that turns a man’s fortress into his tomb. Those who have not acquainted themselves with this subject are facing the wrong end of the blade so listen. It is called life, you will make spectacularly wrong choices, choices you felt were the best, and you’ll grow to admit you haven’t always been wise. Without growth and learning, we find more truth in illusion and blissfully doubt reality.

Dear reader, I have not come to paint to you cynicism on the canvas of your mind, but if you would lend me your attention, you’ll discover to your dismay that a life without Christ is a giant illusion set forth to steal the treasure God gave you, time. I have been to your future and I have returned to forecast what awaits you. The greatest truth to embrace oh my dear brother is that a man’s greatest regret will be that He didn’t take God serious; man was created to be power assisted, every man needs a compass. I sense your contempt for this counsel, and so let me caution that it is fatal to ignore this truth. I am fully aware of the human nature to contend with that which makes us uncomfortable. But you’ll only agree to the extent as your accumulated knowledge will allow you, but why not allow the knowledge you’ll have make this decision. Do you know what I have learnt from humility? It allows a man to change and grow.
I have a question for you? What if the ground you now have confidence in is a trap, what if the ground beneath you sinks? What if that which you have built your life on is a sinking sand?

What if the uneasy alliance between your soul and body suddenly give way to death? What if I told you nobody knows Death’s itinerary, what if I told you death does not share it schedule with any man. What if I told you any day can be your last day? My friend a couple of days ago was involved in a fatal accident, he is young and I felt death should have been a little lenient. Well, he didn’t die and no harm came to him but his good morning didn’t caution him of death’s unlikely visit. May these paradox speak to the thoughtful? I have a message for you, and I am weaving it intricately in these texts. Let us rise above the temporal comforts and sail into the transcendent truth. It is the strength of lies to give an illusion of flight but the snowball is only true in winter and it is certain that its boasting is muted when the boiling water breaks it bubbles.

It is called life; man’s effort to explain it has birthed worldviews, paradigms, beliefs, religions, philosophies, theories, prejudices and sects but listen, often those who have limited to the mental realm have missed it. Why? Because the head is a servant and it can function to the limits as we have fed it with knowledge. Truth is not uncovered in piety and religion, this also is man-made. Watch how the deadly effects of innocent delights have wreaked havoc on destinies? Pay attention now, Good things can do great damage, the good book puts it this way “a little sleep, a little slumber and poverty shall come upon you”. Your enemy is the comfort you wish for in this journey called life, it is that which has made you a slave to the system. If you don’t believe me, revise the days of your joys and delights, we pursue old feelings, but compare it with every desire swinging in your heart. Why did you even choose to read this paradox to this point? There is a desire harnessing your efforts to bring you to this point in your life. And that desire has become your master; the master you serve, waking up every day to water its garden. Am I against the search for comfort? The answer is a big no! But what is the reason for pursuing what you pursue? What motivation do you have to face each day? Have you also been trapped in the system? That popular myth, “Go for the comfort and you have made it in life”, I weep for you because grey hair will keep it schedule but it will sting you with the memory of a wasted life.

Big houses, nice cars, beautiful lads, jewelleries, purple garment, gold and lustre but if there is a life after this phase then what kind of deal is this? That you should exchange the only thing you own, your soul for that which moths and thieves will eventually corrupt. Does the graveyard serve it purpose anymore? Was it not supposed to remind us that it is appointed to man to die once and after that judgment? Every funeral is a sermon to the thoughtful head. The butterfly may find comfort staying in its cocoon but so much would be concealed from the eye that sees and appreciates, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. Break free from comfort, sorrow maybe the greatest good that ever happened to some men, I’m sure heaven will reveal that truth. Is it morbid to write your name in red ink? Is it ominous to buy a coffin as a gift for you? Is it gloomy to predict this night could be your last night? Are you afraid of dying; sleeping tonight and never waking up? Why should you be afraid of the inevitable? I know why and I will tell you.

Wait, can I silently remind you that this should be the quest of every functioning head? “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. If a man ultimately hears this from his creator then He has succeeded in living LIFE. I am tempted to ask, why are you alive? I am sure your functioning head is not suggesting Fame, Houses, Women, Money, Cars and Glory as the answer? The edges of your reasoning needs pruning if you have lived with that motivation.

I am deeply concerned that fakery and plastic is the sought after ideal, it is a sad statistic that we have traded life on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and these fakeries as success. Have we not gestated the idea that fame equals success? In mammoth proportions, many have been deceived, and I hope you will not allow yourself to be led through the wide gate which many have taken. They avoid the questions because of what the answers may imply. I have been to the future and nothing is promised those who live for their own purposes. I have looked forward to the day when my laptop will decide to be a cutlass, unfortunately, heads carrying grey matter in them have chosen for themselves purposes their creator never intended.

I have been to the future, and guess what, the future has been willed for those who live for the CHRIST, nothing is promised those who live otherwise.
Men needed an accurate representation of God, the imperfect representations made Him unattractive. God had lost his aesthetic appeal to the corrupted minds of men but his word would correct that. What is a word? A word is that which reveals a person and his intents, so God spoke to us by His Son. That the Son is the visible representation of the Invisible God, God GAVE US HIS WORD, not that THE SON HAD A WORD BUT THAT HE WAS THE VERY WORD GOD WANTED TO SPEAK TO MEN. JESUS CHRIST IS GOD’S ULTIMATE WORD TO MEN, the pattern for men, so what is life? Life is knowing Christ as Lord and personal Saviour.

And so what should be man’s comfort? A man’s comfort should come from dying to self-will and living daily on the route of God’s will through the trajectory of time only to get to the end and be able to say with Apostle PAUL and JESUS CHRIST, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: 2 Timothy 4:7, I Have glorified you on the earth, I have finished the WORK which you have given me to do, John 17:4”
A man has lived, if he lives to declare, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:” in such a case God can adorn him with the greatest reward, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. This then is life.

Author; Michael Koomson
Tutor At Eguafo Abirem SNR High school.


@Krakye1, the truth is, life is often illogical, paradoxical, and just downright strange.


Actually, there are so many paradox in life