There should be provisions to facilitate entrepreneurship - Acting District Director of National Youth Authority

The acting District Director of the national youth Authority in the Jaman North District of the Bono region Mrs. Abigail Aidoo has stated that the comment by the finance minister that graduates should consider entrepreneurship rather than government work as a result of the government’s payroll being full is a statement of fact but something ought to be done before the comment.

Speaking in an interview on Gye Nyame FM with Kwaku Mensah Abrampa on Adeakye Abia, Mrs. Abigail said all students in the country have it in mind that, there are government agencies and institutions in the country which would employ them after successful graduation from school therefore there should have been early communication to the students before graduation for essential plans towards entrepreneurship to be put in place. She added that, the statement is a fact hence there should be provisions from the government in place to support the youth into the said entrepreneurship after successful graduation.

Mrs. Abigail Aidoo bemoaned how society negatively reacts to tertiary graduates who choose entrepreneurship over government work. She stressed that going to school doesn’t automatically guarantee you a slot in government companies and job opportunities but schooling helps to better ones self in every aspect of life instead.

Mr. Samuel Boateng, a political Activist added that the unemployment rate in Ghana has resulted in underemployment hence the need for government to lay down adequate plans to combat unemployment cases in Ghana. He said the government must invest in the establishment of manufacturing companies rather than seeking loans to purchase vehicles for members of Parliament because a country that seeks to address the welfare of politicians and deny the youth is prone to the developmental deficit.

Also, the government should consider private-public agreements to support the Private companies to expand their businesses to create employment avenues for the graduates.

Story By Kwaku Mensah Abrampa