Top 13 Latest Ghanaian movies in 2020

The great Ghallywood movie industry has furnished us with an endless range of the current Ghanaian films that are no doubt necessary of some credit. For this final decade, the Ghanaian movie industry has grown by way of leaps and bounds. The success stems from the widening range of Ghanaians and Africans in popular who notably adore these movies. Also, the extended digital filming tech have additionally boosted the attraction of these films. It is no longer a secret that most of the Ghanaian movies have meander their way into on all corners of the African continent. The family-oriented movies coupled with infused African culture have made the latest movies a cache in Ghanaian and diaspora’s living rooms. Have a look at these Ghanaian films that are making headway in the Ghanaian cinema scene.

1. Endwene Bone - Part 1 and 2

2. English Teacher

3. The richest family in Ghana

4. The Prince and I

5. House Keepers

6. Baabani

7. Kae Nie Maye

8. Adam and Eve

9. First Class Liars

10. Once upon the ’80s

11. My beautiful wife set me up

12. Top Ghana Sexiest Ladies

13. First class madness


I thought the industry is dead oo!

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I like Adam And Eve

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