Typhoid Fever on the Rise in Jaman Norht, Residents Advised To Maintain Hygienic Evironment

Mr Frank Appiah, the incharge of the general ward of Sampa Government Hospital in Jaman North of the Bono region has revealed that the cases of typhoid fever being reported to the hospital has been on the rise as a result of poor hygienic condition.

In an interview on You and Your health program on Gye Nyame FM, Mr Frank Appiah said most cases being reported to the hospital for some time now has seen increasing rate of enteric or typhoid fever with about 5 cases being recorded a day.

He said this approximately adds up to about 20 cases of typhoid fever recorded every month in Sampa Government Hospital which he described as very unfortunate in the health of residents in the Jaman North District. He stressed that, the district over the years have been recording most cases of Malaria fever, Gastritis, typhoid fever followed by HIV/AIDS.

Mr. Frank Appiah finally advised that, as the bible says “cleanliness is next to Godliness” Ghanaians and especially Jaman North residents must ensure the proper hygienic conditions and maintain a better hygienic environment to facilitate good health.

Story By Kwaku Mensah Abrampa