Ultimate Guide: How to check and Activate Your National Service Pin code before Registration

In this post, we are going to learn how to check and activate the National service Pin Code before we even proceed with the registration process.

Activating your Pin Code is something everybody needs to do in the first place before you can even start talking about the registration procedure. The entire process is so simple to the extent that it takes not more than six minutes to complete.

Crab some cup of coffee as I take you through how to check and to activate your NSS (National Service) pin code before registration:

  1. First of all, you have to type Check PINCODE - National Service Scheme Portal - Ghana into your web browser and as soon the page opens, enter your index number, student ID, and date of birth into their search engine and search.

  2. The year of enrollment, course of study, institution, name, and a Biodata of your pin code will be given to you. Proceed by copying the pin and then go to the next step.

  3. Your pin code is what you are going to use as a reference when making payment for your activating.

The two preferred methods for making payments are the Agricultural Development Bank and MTN Mobile Money.

This is how to activate NSS Pin via MTN MOMO:

  1. With your cellphone or smartphone, dial the shortcode *170#

  2. Look through the available options and select the second option which is “PAY BILL”.

  3. After that, proceed to the sixth option, GENERAL PAYMENT.

  4. When you are asked to enter payment code, use your NSS PIN CODE. Just type NSS, leave some space, and then type your full pin code. After that, the menu will appear in your MTN MOMO name for you to confirm.

  5. Fill in the amount you are to pay in other words your deposit amount which is GH¢41.00.

  6. When you are asked to enter your reference, use type NSS.

  7. Then enter your MTN MOBILE MONEY PIN to complete the payment

After completing the payment, a message will be sent to you to confirm your registration, you can go to NSS WEBSITE to complete the process.


Thanks for this helpful guide @Oracle


Will those of us who went private schools have access to our pin codes?


Yes both private and government schools are having the same opportunities