Welcome To 1plusall Forum Community

Hi guys, welcome to 1plusall Forum . This is another important hub for asking and answering questions and all general discussions. We share quality information on africa and also interact with our members.

The basic goal of 1plusall Forum is to solve everyone’s query. We already have an interactive and awesome whatsapp group, but unfortunately, it’s limited only to whatsapp environment alone and it’s not visible to others who are not a part of that group as well. Below we shared some useful insights on how you can properly make use of this group. :slight_smile:

Complete Your Profile

If you haven’t created your account here, then feel free to do that and after that, please make sure you fill all the required information on your profile. Also we request you to use your original full name here (even do the same for your username), this will make the forum professional and we can easily get to know each other as well.

Pick The Right Category

I’m sure you want your question to get more proper targeted answers right? So picking a right category will help others to know that this specific question comes under this ‘category’ and they’ll understand your question better as well.

Use Tags For Better Navigation

You can also use/create tags for highlighting the keywords of your question, suppose if you are talking about “How To Install WordPress On Bluehost Shared Web Hosting?”, then your tags can be like “Bluehost”, “Shared Web Hosting”, “Installation”, etc. We already have a category for “WordPress”, so we don’t need to use it as a ‘tag’.

Should I Use Google Before Using 1plusall Forum?

Or in other words, if you ask me “Can I ask silly questions here? Like ‘How To Install A WordPress Plugin?’”. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind. I started this forum to clear your queries, even your silliest queries. Feel free to use this forum as your hub for asking as many queries as you like. Personally I’ll reply back to each question if I know the answer or I’ll make sure I somehow get the answer for your query.

1plusall Forum Guidelines

1. Self-Promotion: If you have been a part of our whatsapp group(s), then you will understand that I’m okay with self-promotion as long as you are adding some value to this community. If your only sole aim for using this forum is to promote your articles and stuff, then I’m sorry, this won’t be the place for that. I don’t want to ban anyone, but I also want to keep this forum clean.

Sharing of ‘Affiliate’ or ‘Referral’ links is totally prohibited here. If someone requests your affiliate link for a product/service, you can directly message them, but don’t share it publicly in the forum.

Note: Don’t use any short URLs (like bit.ly , goo.gl , etc) in your posts, use the original full URL if you want to share any valuable reference/resource here. :slight_smile:

2. Kindly Be Detailed: Please consider this as your own blog or forum. I would like to quote Erica Albright’s dialogue from “The Social Network (2010)” - “The Internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink.” This is true, whatever you share, it’s written in ink and it will be visible to the whole Internet (thanks to Google). So be careful with your words and be informative.

3. Forum Categories: 1plusall is a hub for topics related to Tech, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Business, General Topics and anything related to africa. These are the topics we focus on majorly. So kindly restrict your questions/queries to these topics alone. All the other topics will be deleted.

4. Credits/Source: If you are going to share someone’s code or answer in this forum, I would suggest you to properly quote them by giving the credit/source. This is a community, so we want to help everyone, in every possible way.