Welcome To 1plusall: Introduce Yourself

First, let me welcome you to 1plusall.com; Ghana’s fastest-growing online discussion forum, and the most active online community in Ghana. Now let me go to the introduction proper.

If you are new here, you’ve got to adhere to the community guidelines set out here and also get to understand how to use our community. Then the next step is to introduce yourself to us. (This is not compulsory, though. It just helps us know you better.) So feel free to tell us anything you want us to know about you:

Who you are (Your names, and special stuff about you)

Where you are (Your location)

What your goals in life are (Your aspirations, either life aspirations or yearly goals, anything!)

How you got to know about this great community.

And lastly, if you want, a picture of yourself.

So, I’ll go first.

I am Owusu Alfred, the Founder, and Admin of this community. A Blogger, Computer Hardware and Software Technician, Satellite TV Installer, Freelance writer and an online entrepreneur. I am also a co-founder of Computer Village Inc. A computer hardware shop.

I consider what I do as a hobby and as a matter of fact, I love to share why I know to anyone who is in need of it.

I am currently staying in Sampa, the capital town of the Jaman-North District, Ghana. I created this community to bring Ghanaians all over the world together to discuss anything about our beautiful country.

:grinning: :smile: :grin: :laughing:

That’s all about me for now. Let’s know about you.

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Nice picture bro! I can’t wait to upload mine…

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I will be very glad to see your picture here.

Hello fellow 1plusall members!

I am really impressed about what is going on here.

In the meantime let me give a little intro about myself.

I am Appiah Fredrick, a computer hardware technician from Sampa, Ghana.

Welcome, Bro!
I am very glad to see you here.

I am Asane Yayah, An Environmental Health Officer from Ghana. A picture as they say is worth more than a thousand words so without wasting much time, let me keep you a pictorial description of myself:

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Welcome to the hood, Humble Lion!

Good evening fellow 1plusall members!
I am very glad to inform you that we have a new comrade in our mist, @krakye1

At the appropriate time he will do a proper introduction of himself.