Why do African Americans hate the real Africans

When an African travels overseas, most of them are treated very bad by people of different race because of their colour but they still go and struggle for success irrespective of the hell they go through but when these same Africans travel to the USA, where there are a lot of blacks there, most African Americans see them as different race and it’s really heartbreaking to watch how these same blacks treat blacks
One African American tweeted saying “if your forefathers were never beaten and were never slaves then you are not black you are just an African and you can’t say the N-word”. She was not moved when others were telling her to take down what she tweeted. Also last year, American Rapper J. Cole came to Nigeria for a show and posted a part of it on his Instagram page,these same African Americans were under the comment saying “So Africans are able to buy iPhones and also built venues for show but can’t feed themselves?” Another also said "J.Cole came to Africa to rob the last amount they’ve got, they have to go to back jungle "
Even most of African Americans see Africa as a town and the only place they see and know is South Africa. They always try to be superior to any black race. There is a black on black hate but they always want to fight for equality in a country they do not own.
Now the question is "are they racist? or they were not taught about these in their schools? "


I believe it is because Africans remind Africa Americans of what they used to be/have but can’t be/have anymore.

Because if slavery, the black Americans lost themselces, their herutage, culture, language, habits… They do not have a ‘back home’. I have seen so many black Americans talking about Africa and its cultures, its food and completely missing the mark.

Today, when black Americans wear paint on their faces or certain types of clothing, they actually think they represent their missing African parts. But they wear thi’s things not even knowing what they represent. So sometimes, you see black Americans with garments, face painting which represent mourning or something of that sort. They wear it and don’t even know what it means.

So, yeah, I think they don’t like Africans because they are why they can no longer be.


What do American blacks know about African blacks besides what they see/ read in the news?, which is biased anyway.

American blacks are mostly westernized in how they are brought up in the US. They have no social, cultural or tribal ties with the African blacks here in Africa. The lifestyle of some of the far flung villages in Africa would beggar belief if an American black visited there yet sometimes these people have been living like that, unchanged since the begining of time. Maybe even the long dead and unremembered tribal relatives lived so.



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Naturally, blacks hate their fellow blacks

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