Why Do You Still Work For Ghanaian Companies?

Hi fellow members,

I felt like creating this post because I grasp how powerful the internet is. In clear terms, the Internet transcends all geographic borders, ushering people into a world of endless opportunities.

Given how the internet allows us to work from home, work for foreign companies and earn juicy pays, I want to know why some of us are not taking the opportunities yet.

For instance, excellent coders, digital marketers, graphics artists, web developers, content writers, and many other talented people who sell digital skills ought to be working for foreign companies from home instead of working for Ghanaian firms for peanuts.

So, do you fall into this category? If yes, why do you prefer working for Ghanaian firms as opposed to firms based out of the United States or elsewhere in the world for better pay, opportunities and exposure?

On the other hand, if you do work for these foreign companies on full-time or part-time basis, how did you land the job?

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It is not easy working for outside firm from Ghana