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Episode 29

We started with Camia going through the pictures that Ivy showed her and she remembered her husband Dante as well as Lily. She asked where Lily was and Ivy once again tried to tell her that she was Lily because it had been 13 years since and she already grew up. Camia once again refused to acknowledge that Ivy was Lily.

Arnaldo and Emilia left to go to Ivy’s resort so that Emilia could talk to her and Julio found it curious that Arnaldo did not tell him where he was going. When they arrived at the resort, the lady attending to them told them that they were not accepting any guests so they could not be allowed in. Arnaldo told her that they were not just any guests because they were the mayor and former governor of Poblacion Ardiente. When the lady called Ivy, she was furious at her staff for letting people in but she knew Arnaldo and Emilia would be suspicious of them if she asked them to leave. She, therefore, asked that they are told to wait and she took the time to hide Camia in another room. She left her some reading materials and asked the nurse to keep her calm so that she could attend to the guests. She also told the nurse that they should not leave the room because no one was allowed to see her.

Emilia and Arnaldo got impatient and barged into the resort instead of waiting but Ivy had already changed and was waiting for them at the pool where she pretended to be reading. Emilia and Arnaldo warmly greeted her but Emilia asked Arnaldo to go fetch them a drink as she talked to Ivy.

Emilia told Ivy that she needed her support to get rid of a certain Camia Cruz who she thought she killed long ago because she could ruin Emilia’s bid when she decided to run for office again if she revealed what happened. Ivy asked Emilia what she would gain from helping her and Emilia said that her influence would be useful to Ivy. Ivy laughed off Emilia’s offer and called it a joke. She, however, restored Emilia’s hope by telling her that they had a deal.

Back in the room, Camia started to get restless and asked to see Ivy. The nurse asked that they stay in the room because Ivy was attending to her guests but Camia began making a fuss and dropped something and Arnaldo heard it. Another nurse went to have Camia sedated and Arnaldo asked the guards why there was a nurse. The guard said that maybe one of the guests was sick and Arnaldo said that the resort had not been accepting guests.

Ivy rushed over and told Arnaldo that she got a nurse and a doctor because she had not been feeling well and that the noise was from the strong wind that had been making stuff drop around the house.

Julio went to see the farmers at the cooperative and he decided to punish them for having sided with Ivy since he still thought that they were protecting her. He sent the new governor there to confiscate all the produce they had harvested and the money they had made. The governor wanted to arrest some of the farmers for protesting but Julio stopped him. He, however, chastised them for getting empowered and thinking that having their own land would make them independent. He threatened to close the cooperative and cut off their water supply since it was provided by the government. The farmers asked him not to do it and even offered to give the land back.

Ivy decided to let Camia undergo the risky shock therapy that the doctor suggested so that Camia could get her memory back. The treatment worked and after one session, Camia was able to remember everything that happened. She even recognized Lily as Ivy and asked her to tell her everything that happened.

Diego visited Raul to ask him if he could meet his mother but Raul told him that it was not possible because Emilia already killed his mother. Diego was furious and wanted to make Emilia pay for taking his mother’s life but his Nanny Loring and her husband Pandoy stopped him and told him that the Ardientes would end up killing him instead.

Diego waited for them to leave and decided to go see the Ardientes after all. He sent both of them a text and thanked them for taking care of him and for giving him a family. He also apologized for not listening to them because he had to avenge his mother’s death.

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The governor is a corrupt official. I even Wonder why was made the governor in the first place