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Ivy and Camia prepared themselves to leave for the Ardiente party.
Ivy left first to and arrived at the party looking great. Emilia and Arnaldo were glad to see her while Julio remained skeptical about her. He asked her why she had disappeared because he thought she had done something wrong but Ivy acted all surprised at his suspicions. She said that she left because she did not was to get involved in all their problems. She added that she could never go against them because she had invested a lot of her money with them as well.
When the press conference started, Julio welcomed everyone and was about to talk about Camia Cruz but Emilia stopped him because she wanted to be the one to do it. She took to the podium and said that Camia Cruz was only spreading slander because she did not have the guts to face them. She went as far as asking Camia Cruz to come out and face them. Just when she called out Camia’ name, Camia walked out and walked the red carpet, stealing the scene from Emilia. Everyone was shocked when she came out and she announced to everyone that she was Camia Cruz then gave a twirl for the press to take pictures of her. Emilia was stunned to silence and Camia mocked her by giving her a series of slaps. Emilia screamed that Camia was not invited and wanted to have her thrown out. Emilia’s men pulled out their gun but then Camia had her men pull out their guns as well.
Camia went on to tell the press that the Ardientes were criminals and it was not true that Pablocion had zero crime rate because they killed people to cover up everything. She talked about how the Ardientes killed her husband and in turn attempted to kill her and her daughter. Julio tried to put a stop to everything by saying that Dante Cruz only wanted to blackmail them for money and Emilia chipped in by saying that Camia was a home wrecker because she seduced her husband. Camia laughed and told the press to ask Raul what really happened. When Raul was asked questions, Emilia stopped him from talking and Camia decided to tell the truth instead. She said that Raul tried to rape her and Dante tried to file a case against him. Emilia got him killed to silence him then paid her people to kill her and her daughter.
Julio had enough of being humiliated so he told the press that everything Camia said had no basis because she did not have proof. They decided to meet each other in court and he left with Emilia, Arnaldo and Raul.
The press asked Camia if she was scared of going against such powerful people and she said that she would not back down for the sake of her family who deserved justice.
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Diego got a call from his nanny and she told him what was happening at the press con. Diego therefore decided to go there to see what was going on.
Raul ran off to seek out Camia before Emilia saw him but she followed him. Raul told Camia that he was sorry for what he did but Camia said that he along with the Ardientes would pay for everything. Ivy wanted to stop Raul but Diego arrived and said that he would be the one to do it. Diego got Raul away from Camia while Emilia left with Madrigal.
Julio was fuming when they got back home and he told Emilia that they needed to get rid of Raul because he was causing them trouble and Emilia agreed with him. Julio then told Arnaldo to look for the witnesses that Camia had gathered to testify against them so that they could get rid of them or make them change their statements.
Ivy took her mother to live at a house that wasn’t under her name then returned to Poblacion so that the Ardientes would not get suspicious. She talked to all the witnesses and promised to keep them safe from the Ardientes. They were then moved to a safe house.
Arnaldo worked hard to find where the witnesses were being kept and he was finally able to find out. He went to tell Julio about it and Raul heard them.
Raul called Diego and asked him to get in contact with Camia because Arnaldo and Julio already knew where the witnesses were.
Diego went to see Ivy and ran into Emilia there. Ivy said that Diego wanted to talk about the farmers so Emilia did not pay any mind to him. After she left, Diego told him that Arnaldo knew where he witnesses were but Ivy refused to believe it when she learnt that Raul was the one who gave the information. Diego said that he understood her but it would not hurt to be cautious and move them.

arted with Ivy going to secure the witnesses after Diego told her that they already knew where they were being kept. She hired more guards and asked them to secure the safe house.
Ivy called Jepoy to tell him what Diego said but since she did not trust Raul, Jepoy said that he would confirm things for her. Jepoy tried to go with Arnaldo but Emilia asked him to accompany her. Jepoy therefore stole a moment to call Ivy and tell her that something was up with the Ardientes and she had to be alert.
The witnesses were on edge and they got suspicious when they noted that Ivy had added more guards. A couple that was there were still waiting for their daughter to arrive but they soon received a call from Arnaldo telling them to go get her. They escaped from the safe house and went to get their daughter. Ivy was tried to find them when she found out that they had escaped but she was not able to.
Arnaldo made the witnesses tell him where the safe house was and threatened to kill their daughter if they did not tell him. He ultimately found out and went to ambush the witnesses. The guards Ivy hired were no match for Arnaldo and his men and the witnesses were all captured except for Tonyo who managed to run off.
Ivy was restless after failing to find her witnesses so she finally decided to move them. Diego went to the safe house with her but it was too late. Most of the guards lay dead around the compound while there were no witnesses to be found. Ivy was however hopeful that they had managed to escape. She received a text from Jepoy saying that Tonyo managed to get away and they went to get him.
Arnaldo took the witnesses that he had captured and killed all of them for daring to go against the Ardientes. At the same time, Julio was on TV having a live interview as he claimed that everything being said against him was not true. He added that he was hurt to be labelled a murderer when he had served the people of Ardiente for so long and he would never hurt them.
Arnaldo was ready with his men when Ivy arrived to get Tonyo and he was just waiting to see who got off the car. Ivy saw them hiding among the bushes and stopped Diego from leaving the car. Tonyo walked out without being cautious and almost got shot but Ivy blinded Arnaldo with the car lights and managed to get to Tonyo and drive away. Arnaldo got into his car along with his men and followed them.
Diego was not able to drive fast enough so they were blocked by Arnaldo. They swerved to the side and got out of the car then ran into the forest. Arnaldo got his men to go after them and they split up to cover more ground. Ivy fell into a ditch and almost got caught but Diego grabbed her before Arnaldo saw them. After he left, they rushed to get away but Ivy had hurt her leg and they stopped for Diego to bandage it. One of Arnaldo’s men saw them but Jepoy shot him from behind and asked Diego and Ivy to leave. Arnaldo was mad to find out that they lost one of their men."This updates is a content of Blasters series, so if u are reading it from any other platform, note its a copied content… Read the correct content on our page Blasters Series…
When Ivy arrived back at the house, she asked about the other witnesses and Camia told her that they had all died. Ivy could hardly believe it and she screamed out in frustration as she dropped to the ground.
The press bombarded Julio the following day asking if he was the one who killed Camia’s witnesses but he said that they couldn’t have done it since they would be the first suspects. Julio was proud of what Arnaldo did but Arnaldo was still on edge because Tonyo escaped. Julio was however confident that Arnaldo would take care of things.
Ivy visited the Ardientes and put them on the spot by asking about all the things being said about them on TV. Arnaldo touched her leg as if to flirt with him but he touched her injury. Ivy went to the bathroom to dress her leg but Emilia followed her and she wasn’t able to do it.
The following morning was the trial against the Ardientes and Ivy went to court supposedly to support them. Tonyo was the first to take the witness stand but when the lawyer asked him if Emilia ordered him to rape and kill Camia, he said NO


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